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Saddle fitting


Remember that pair of shoes that fit perfectly in the morning and were too tight in the evening?

This is an everyday example. Applied to the horse, this means that a resting, relaxed muscle does not have the same volume as an active muscle with a strong blood supply.

Therefore, it is of great importance to take a fit for a saddle when the horse has strained its muscles, e.g. after a training session etc.

Opinions vary as to which system is used to transfer the fit to a negative. Whether the 1000 times proven measuring frame or digital scanning - the important thing is to take the back of the horse into account as accurately as possible in the saddle construction.

In addition to the measuring frame, we use the digital system from

That puts us on the safe side.

To ensure that the new saddle fits the rider perfectly, rider-specific information and measurements are required. These then influence, among other things, the fender length, seat size and, depending on the later use (competition sport, leisure riding, etc.), also the saddle shape.


As you have experienced, it is not only important for you, but especially for your horse, that everything you pay for fits. That is why we also check and, if necessary, fit your used saddle to your (new) horse.

In addition, we will send you the data collected from your horse on the day of the measurement. This will help you to check whether your horse's back has changed over time due to age, training, etc. This is for the benefit of your horse and your own safety. - This is for the benefit of your horse and your own safety.

Call us and make an appointment with us for a saddle fitting/check.

– We come to you nationwide, also in the neighbouring EU countries and Switzerland.

The costs for this depend on the journey and the time required. In the interest of our customers, we only charge one-way, our tariff zones are divided into air lines. In the case of collective appointments, the costs are of course calculated on a pro rata basis. Our prices are net prices plus VAT.

Variant 1.

Assessment of the fit of a saddle on a horse; includes 6AE à 5 minutes for advice and recommendation.

Variant 2.

Checking the fit of a saddle on a horse by means of a wire frame; includes 9 units of 5 minutes each for consultation and recommendation, plus a picture documentation of the horse's current muscular "as-is" situation.

Variante 3.

Checking the fit of a saddle by means of 3D scan and wire frame, includes 15 AE for consultation and recommendation, as well as a picture documentation of the current muscular "as-is" situation of the horse. And additionally a Shapeproof (negative template of the horse's back) for the customer to check later.

Please use the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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