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Workshop Staff


  • A-levels, studies with degree / social pedagogue
  • Professional years in the social sector
  • New start / completed training as an equestrian saddler
  • enthusiastic horse owner and rider


  • Coming from Paraguay with German roots, A-levels
  • Trained as a fine saddler in Munich and now well on the way to becoming an equestrian saddler in the Schoch saddlery.
  • Experienced rodeo rider in Paraguay


  • A-levels, study of forestry - resource management
  • New start / training as an equestrian saddler in the Schoch - Saddlery
  • Love of dogs, horses, nature, hunting and people are her ingredients for a successful day


  • Cock of the walk and favourite of all workshop women
  • The pride and joy of the boss
  • Feels responsible for staff motivation
    with full commitment until total exhaustion. 😊


His points of activity are:

  • Object protection
  • Supplier announcement
  • Welcoming customers

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